Boutique Power is your renewable energy specialist.  We are experienced in all aspects of remote area power supplies and renewable energy systems.  Supporting cleaner environments, sustainable communities & long term savings.


We have 29 years of extensive industry experience spanning residential, community & resort power supplies as well as solar powered water pumping. The sources of renewable energy include photovoltaics [solar], wind and micro-hydro.

Boutique Power can supply and and install systems at any location, both within and outside of our local area, which is the Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland. Our team is experienced, professional and fully accredited.

  • Grid connect solar for homes and commercial sites
  • Grid connected battery storage
  • Stand-alone renewable energy systems for off-grid locations
  • Design and supply of solar powered water pumping systems
  • Consultancy and project management
  • Particular interest in micro-hydro and diesel / battery hybrid systems, including mini-grids
  • Willingness to undertake work both inside and outside of Australia.

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